That Awkward Moment. . .

. .  .when you can’t sleep and you feel as if you’re about to  emotionally exploded, but you have no one to talk to and you can’t talk to anyone in fear of feeling worse and if you emotionally explode you could wake half of your family that’s asleep and you would like to cry, but you’ve done that already and it’s gotten you no where and you feel very small and insignificant in comparison to everything and you’re tense and annoyed and frustrated and your body is experiencing physical strain and fatigue due to all of those things so now you’re emotionally and physically tired and unable to think straight because of the multitude feelings you’re having. .. . . .don’t you just hate that? 


7 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment. . .

  1. waking up at night always give bad feelings, always. The mind is stressed and you can’t think right, this is the effect of night. My grandmother’s tip was to sing a happy song in her head to chase bad thoughts and coming back to sleep. Mine is to stand back, tell myself that thinking at night is a waste of time cos you have unproductive and negative thoughts, relax and try to sleep again. Usually it works. If not, i open the light, take a book and read till the sleep comes back. It’s quite easy in fact once you understand that it’s a normal state of mind to be stressed waking up in the night. 🙂

  2. don’t worry, sometimes mood is up, sometimes down. the tip is to understand why : the bad weather, the stress of future, things that don’t go as you wish etc. usually it’s not really difficult problems, just some little frustration that pass as they come. keep smiling, this is the best answer 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 you know, sometimes when you give me advice, you remind me of Yoda. . .you’re like a French Yoda. . . Can I call you French Yoda??? Lol sorry, I’m having a moment of childishness, because I am a child. . .a big one lol

  3. well, you can’t guess that but this is a very nice and appreciated comparison. The Jedi stuff, beyond the fact it’s a simple Scifi movie, carries ideas and philosophy that suits me fine and in some strong parts, follow my own life baselines. So thanks for that, even if, of course, i don’t deserve (as gabriel 🙂 ) the half of it. You know, i just try to share my experience of life, as i’m much older than you, cos i hope that it can help you to, maybe, find some keys to feel better or to earn some time. This is the only advantage in getting older, but it’s a strong one : experience. And if you manage to keep aware in life, remember the lessons of the past, and keep open to learn from others, whoever they are and wherever they come from, whatever the differences between you and them, then you can make your life and others’ life better. But it’s an everyday work, and the most difficult is to face and improve our own weaknesses.
    never let it down, never surrender. and keep smiling 🙂

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