Selfy of the Day: Myself, Uncensored

Selfy of the Day: Myself, Uncensored

This . . .is a terrible picture of me, but this is how I look a majority of the time. I enjoy dressing up and putting on make up and things when I leave the house on weekends or just to look nice a few times out of the month, but my basic wardrobe consists of my sweatshirts/tshirts and jeans. I used to wear a sweatshirt everyday orginally when I was 11 because I went through a two year stage of being terribly uncomfortable with my body. I’m still not too thrilled with my body type, but I care less what others think when it comes to that, which is why I don’t mind wearing flattering clothing once in awhile.

This picture is, once again, terrible, but it reveals something about myself that probably wouldn’t be apparent if you just looked at me on a street corner. Instead of doing myself up for each selfy, I decided to do all my selfies this week based off of things you wouldn’t normally know about me unless I screamed it to your face. This is me screaming at you 🙂

7 thoughts on “Selfy of the Day: Myself, Uncensored

  1. why so ssserious??? (i don’t really know what you wanted to express, but this is the first thing i thought when i saw it 🙂 )

    1. I was actually trying to be serioud lol it just a more. . .um. . .realistic picture of me? O.o I guess that would be the correct wording considering I have no make up on, my hair is not done whatsoever, and. . .I just look terrible. . .Goodness, why did I post this??? Lol (It’s 4 in the morning here, I’ve got a bit of morning disorientation at the moment)

  2. 4 in the morning? uh you will be tired today. fresh orange juice for your breakfast! 🙂 and your pic is not terrible, this is just an everyday pic, and we are all the same lol if you feel bad about it, just take it off, this is your blog 🙂

    1. Honestly, I have the same reaction to every picture I take, I’m just not a fan of my face lol but I had actually not remembered I posted this one and thought I posted something else, reason why reacted like this time. I wish we had orange juice DX I wish had milk, and cereal, AND fruit, AND other things you should have for breakfast that we don’t lmao

      1. Well, since we have nothing at the moment, I’m not completely sure yet. I’m mostl likely going to have to make something. My parents did not do much food shopping and I think I’ve told you, but I have five other siblings, so food goes really fast. I’m probably going to have to make pancakes.

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