Bitch Mondays: Biscuit Can. . .

Bitch Mondays: Biscuit Can. . .

The biscuit can O.O Now, when I say this, many of you (my lovely non-existent audience) may not know what I’m talking about. That’s fine because I will explain.

*gets into criss-cross apple sauce mode*

Okay, so if any of you like to make biscuits or cinnamon rolls or monkey bread and you don’t want to make biscuit dough you’d go to the nearest market/store near you and you’d buy a form of biscuit dough (whether it be Pillsbury or a generic version of that) and when you buy that said dough, it normally comes in a can.

You have to open that said can, and when you open it, it pops. For those of you who can tolerate it or just purchase an off brand that doesn’t come in a can, I salute you. For those who are like my mom and purchase the brand that comes in a can, then you feel my pain. . .That incessant pop scares the shit out of my every time. . .

There’s no real warning. You try to stop it and you know it’s coming, but you’re never prepared for it. It . . .Just. . .Comes. . .O.O That is my number one biggest fear in life. The ‘pop’ of the stupid biscuit can. . . .


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