#8 Hugh Laurie

#8 Hugh Laurie

I forgot all about Hugh Laurie ❤ he's also another secret love that I have. . .My old guy crushes do not show that I have a problem whatsoever. . . .I switched the guy who created 'The Office' for Hugh Laurie because it was necessary O.O

Hugh Laurie is an English actor who played House in the television drama 'House' that was popular until it ended sadly *tear* Hugh Laurie was born in Oxford and had 3 other siblings. He had later studied archeaology and anthropology and was an excellent oarsmen. In his early childhood, he didn't enjoy school much, but almost made his way to a career as an Olympic rower. How he managed to become an actor/comedian was through Cambridge Footlights, a drama club that's produced many decent actors and comedians apparently.

WHY HE'S MY FAVORITE: He's the only English/British accented actor who can hold his accent while acting be American. It's amazing, I love it. He also seems tohave a very laid back personality and is extremely good at what he does. You can definitely tell he enjoys what he does.

3 thoughts on “#8 Hugh Laurie

  1. i really appreciate this actor too. I would like to be as good looking as he is at the same age 😀 He played a funny character in “Black Adder” an old and very funny and smart british TV serie with Rowan Atkinson.

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