#6 Kendrick Lamar

#6 Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a rapper who is, to me, one out of the few rappers who seem to be redeeming the genre.

Kendrick was born in Compton and was a pretty good student. His idle, or who he likes to compare himself to, is Tupac (I’ve never listened to anything by Tupac, but I know of him . . .) A lot of his songs are based of the element he grew up in that was full of drugs and violence that he didn’t really want a big part in.

The article I read was what seemed like an interview set up and one of the things I found interesting was what they quoted him on about what he does as he lays down to go to sleep:

“. . .my whole life, I go to sleep every night and just think about God,” he says, faltering for a moment. “Is that a trip? That’s me trying to find myself in a relationship with Him. Righteous, but at the same time being so [caught up] in the vanities of the world … it messes me up inside.”

It seemed cool to me that he did that. I’m religious, so I found it refreshing *shrug*

WHY HE’S MY FAVORITE: His lyrics come from here *points to heart* and that touches me emotionally, no joke. I love that he speaks from his soul. You can tell that he’s just extremely blessed with lyrical talent and skill. It’s great.

One thing that trips me out is that he looks so normal for a rapper. . .He has no tattoos (that I can see) no weird hard look on his face. . .he’s just Kendrick Lamar. . .that’s kind of hot. . .


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