#4 Ra Ra Riot

#4 Ra Ra Riot

This is a chamber pop band that I’ve grown to love over the last few years. They met at a college in Syracuse and started to create something of themselves until they’re drummer died. Despite that traumatic event, they continued in their musical endeavors.

The members of the band include Wesley Miles (vocalist), Milo Binacci (guitarist (my secret love. . .inside my head because he’s just so adorable. . .), Alexandra Lawn (cellist), John Pike (deceased drummer), Mathieu Santos (bass), Rebecca Zeller (violin).

WHY THEY’RE MY FAVORITE: A friend of mine (my best friend O.O) told me to listen to them, and I fell in love with their song Ghosts Under Rocks from their debut album ‘The Rumb Line’. Lyrics are important to me when it comes to music and I’m enamored by the amount of power behind theirs.

Alexandra Lawn left the band to do something that was probably stupid and unimportant (no offense, but now that she’s gone, they’re kind of sucking. . .terribly) Feel free to check out their debut album and also Beta Love. Beta Love is recent and it’s the album they sucked at because they no longer have their cellist. . .poor poor Ra Ra Riot. . .


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