Stroke of Genius @ the Stroke of 12

So, I had a random spark of genius (not really. . .) A friend of mine from dA was telling me the reasons as to why he likes selfies in response to my aggressive protest against them ( kind of hate them with a passion. . .just a little bit) Anyway, he was telling me that he enjoys selfies because they show people in their raw form, without any major enhancement. 


I had an idea to make a selfy everyday next week that would be based on a theme of some sort. I’ll go all out for each selfy so that it looks just right, no matter how dorky I’ll look with my cellphone in my hand (minus the duck face. . . .it’s not cute O.O) I was going to do it by song. Whatever song I picked that day by random would influence the image of the selfy. I’m not sure if I want to do that, or the colors of the rainbow. . .I’m torn between the two O.O


I thought if I tried to do something like this that I could actually bring some life and substance to the rather vain and uncreative. . .as well as disgusting and irritating nature of the ‘selfies’. I will do my best to make it look better than it does. . . . That won’t be too hard. . . 


4 thoughts on “Stroke of Genius @ the Stroke of 12

  1. selfies are used like the photography fastfood lol but i pretend that, by nature (and if we are lucky 😀 ), it can extract the beauty hidden in some particular moments of our lives. exactly in the same way as you can take a landscape pic at a very special moment of light without expecting it when you take the shot. A selfy is a moment stolen in the flow of time, moment which usually nobody would pay attention to . And here you find the treasure 🙂

  2. to complete my first message, this is a good idea. try to surprise yourself first, i think the result could be great.

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