Friday Night Shorts: Late Night Confessions of an Insomniac PART 2

I’d came back from the doctor again, re-envisioning the deep set frown that he carried when I told him I hadn’t been taking the pills. I think he was disturbed. I had come for help, but wasn’t following anything he asked. He instructed me the same as always after running me through my weekly evaluation: Take two, he said. 


I set my purse on the table and checked the fridge for something to occupy my mouth. Pie, I thought, I need pie. I left out and went to the store around the corner to pick up a french silk pie. Bringing it to check out, I felt the cashier studying my face and looked up. He smiled and I smiled back. 


“It’s a little late for pie, don’t you think?”


I smirked, “Pie is an ‘any time’ dessert,” I said while laughing. I told him to have a good night and he wished me the same. 


I agreed with him, actually. Why I wanted pie at about 11 at night, I didn’t really know, but my brain was built off impulse. I impulsively needed pie to help sort out my thoughts. 


Thinking about today, I reviewed the downfalls of my week so far: I’d lied to someone to keep secret for someone else. That explanation in itself seemed just as complex as the situation at hand. I still have a job, but haven’t seemed to find one less casual and more stable. I’ve also realized how lonely I am. 


The subtle heat of the night made me feel comfortable, but still hot as I walked home. Once back, I took out a plate, a glass of milk, and fork, hoping to find my soul within french silk. I opened the window and looked toward the waning moon, savoring what was left before the sky went dark again. 

Before 11:30 came, I set my iPod on to soften the thick heat of ‘passion’ that hit on the floor above me. 


Maybe it was jealousy that filled me, reason why I felt so irritated by the rippling moans and cries of my neighbors. . .or maybe I felt that their screams of love could be given at a less ungodly hour. I think I’d like to stick with the latter. 


As I digged deeper into my pie, I saw the pill bottle in the back of my mind fade. I couldn’t take it. At least, not yet. The acoustic guitar strumming through my ear buds left me feeling heavy, or maybe it was the pie. . .


I put the pie in the fridge and cuddled into my covers, giving the bed less purpose than it should have, as usual. 


8 thoughts on “Friday Night Shorts: Late Night Confessions of an Insomniac PART 2

  1. i like it, and it’s a good training for me to read your story. i noticed it’s sometimes sarcastic but i’m afraid my english is too bad to understand the humor as i should 🙂 i dunno what is that kind of french pie you talk about. and i’m not sure i understand well the last sentence, but i think it has to do, a kind of comparison, with the neighbours “activity” lol

    1. There’s actually no humor in it lol it’s pretty serious, but there is supposed to be a contrast between the neighbors and herself that’s meant to reveal something about the main character. French Silk pie is just chocolate mousse with whip cream over it lol

    2. Just to let you know, and this is merely a suggestion, but if you’re practicing reading in English, please (and I’m begging you) do not use me as a learning template lol My grammar is not polished, it’s terrible. You’re probably better off practicing with something more grammtically sound and that will actually help you understand the language better. Honestly, English is extremely hard probably in comparison to other languages. Reason why it’s so difficult is because it’s always changing. I’m not really bilingual (the only other language I know is Spanish, and I can’t even speak that very well :/ and I wanted to attempt to learn some new language this summer, but I’m not even sure THAT will happen. . . .) But I feel like a second/third language can kind of be a bit hard to learn . . .I probably made your life less easy with this long comment XD I just felt it was needed. I’ll be honest when I say I don’t talk this much in person lol

      1. well in fact it’s useful for me cos it obliges me to think in english. no later than yesterday evening i passed an english exam (it’s recognized in the world, for enterprises, it’s called BULAT). Well i have to obtain the BULAT level3 so the deal is 2 hours : 1 hour of oral listening and comprehension , and 1 hour about writing test. I have to say, that in the end, i had a headache cos thinking in another language for a long time is exhausting! this is why i have to train as much as i can 🙂

  2. omg, what you call french silk pie seems to be a killer lipid bomb lol (btw we don’t know this dessert in France, i would be curious to taste)

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