My Life: If You’re Interested. . . .

My Life: If You're Interested. . . .

This week I was very sad and it disabled me from doing everything (not completely everything, but from important things). I managed to make the best cup of hot cocoa in existance that proved to also be the best stomach bomb in existence. . . .my life was lived on the toilet for a few hours after that one cup. . .

I watched Boondocks Saints for the trillionth time in my entire life because it’s one of my favorite movies *O* love it. . .I also worked out (reason why I have a hoody on in one of the photos in the frame) I made a wondow seat out of this sitting cubby we have had for awhile and it’s a great reading spot and a good place to sit my mini buddha statue. I love my buddha statue as well.

I’ve picked an application up for another job that’ll be a bit better than the one I have now. I hope to make a little money here and there before college. The new job will definitely help.


2 thoughts on “My Life: If You’re Interested. . . .

  1. hot cocoa is so good. in my town, there is a “salon de thé” where they sell veeeeeeery good cocoa cup, they buy from their own selected culture in Africa and South america, and i love to drink this inside lookink trough the window when the weather is bad.

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