#3 Company of Thieves

#3 Company of Thieves

This band originates in the state I live in- Illinois, which is why I feel at home when I listen to there sound. I think it’s cool listening to bands that are close to home. It somehow personalizes the music for me.

These people got together through strange circumstances. The girl with glasses (Genevieve vocalist) dropped out of highschool to get away from her home life and home schooled herself while barely keeping a roof over her head. The bald guy (Chris, drum, bass, vocals) was a friend of hers who introduced her to Marc (guitarist, vocalist). They started writing songs and got there first majot break with ‘Tornado Song’ (not my favorite of theirs, but it’s still good). Oh. . .and the one guy I didn’t mention is their drummer while they’re on tour. . .yeah

WHY THEY’RE MY FAVORITE: This band is close to my heart, mainly because of the vocalist Genevieve. Her vocals add a rich and personal tone to the body of the music. Every riff and interval is soaked with her soul. She’s a powerful vocalist, and the lyrics of this band in general are relatable and filled with truth.

The first time I heard them was when I was in 5th grade. Their song ‘Oscar Wilde’ was shown in commercials and advertised constantly. I didn’t have an mp3 player or anything back then so I couldn’t listen to the entire album, but that song stuck with me no matter how much of it I heard. Another band that carried me in the best and worst of times.


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