I’ve got creative block (sort of) I’ve been taking many ideas that I have had for awhile and reaching back and using those. For those who pass by this blog and have creative ideas, I’ll be making a page strictly for that. I draw, write, and do some cliche photography. If you have any major ideas for me, it would be appreciated.

I’ve done this (the picture above) a picture I drew with the reference of the image of a lovely man that allowed me to use it on dA. Bjarki64 on dA: CHECK HIM OUT!. . .his artwork is spectacular. . . .it’s so. . .good. I’m also planning to take pictures of my friend (hopefully, that happens) and do one last serious photo shoot with myself before I go off to college and start taking teenage selfies (which I do already, but I don’t broadcast it as art because NEWSFLASH: . . .selfies aren’t art. . . . )

Even though I’ll be making an ‘idea’ page next week, feel free to place any ideas in comments. It would be appreciated.


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