This Weeks Topic

My original plan was to pick another person to research and talk about this week. That person was Vidal Sassoon, but I decided instead to do something else. Wait, what? What did you say? *listens out to silence and crickets* You want to know what I’ve decided to do? Well. . .that was the point of this post wasn’t it. . .


My plan for this week is to choose my top 10 favorite people/groups, learn a bit more about them, and talk about them for those of you (my lovely non-existent audience *blows kiss*) who would like to know about these not yet listed people/group I decided to talk about. Those 10 are:


1. Brandon Boyd (Lead singer of Incubus)

2. Jackson Rathebone (actor, lead of the band 100 Monkeys)

3. Company of Thieves (musical group)

4. Ra Ra Riot (musical group)

5. Ryan Reynolds (actor)

6. Kendrick Lamar (rapper)

7. Wendy Williams (talk show host) 

8. The guy who created the office. . . . .I’m too lazy to look up his name, shoot me 

9. Scott Westerfield

10. Dean Koontz



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