#1: Brandon Boyd

#1: Brandon Boyd

Strangely, while I was researching Brandon Boyd, I found a bio he made himself that suggested that I should NOT google him, but actually contact him (which I found hilarious because I’ve spend nearly an hour and some looking up things about him on google. . .)

Those who want a bit of a less personal bio, here’s something short and sweet before I dig into the deep stuff:
Brandon Boyd was born 1976. He grew up in California and graduated highschool 1994 (the year I was born :). . . .shows his age, but he’s still a pretty dapper looking fellow). His band Incubus was officially signed by a record label in 1996, and their first couple albums were Enjoy Incubus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. His other band members are Mike Einzieger (lead guitarist), Jose Pasillas (drummer), Alex Katunich (bassist), and Gavin Koppel (DJ later replaced by DJ Kilmore)

THINGS I DID NOT KNOW: A few people in Brandon Boyd’s family were very music oriented. His brother, Jason Boyd (former lead singer of Audiovent), cousin Sam Boyd (lyricist and touring musician), and Robert Boyd (flamenco guitarist). Also, Brandon Boyd is an artist (well. . .technically I knew this, I’ve seen millions of articles online about his artwork), but I’ve never truly known where he works his genius. This masterful man creates his paintings in his kitchen. He is also lactose intolerant, which is terrible, but good. It means he’s a bit more healthy than the rest of the U.S population and he’s missing out on the beautiful taste of rocky road ice cream. . . .it’s a fifty fifty split. He’s also played the didgeridoo and djembe. . . .most of this is from a few interviews I read and wiki. . .please don’t punch me in the face, credible sources are kind of hard at times and Wikipedia is just so easily accessible. . . .

WHY HE’S MY FAVORITE: Brandon Boyd’s expansive creativity and mind itself is beautiful. His voice as well as his lyrics are wonderfully deep and expressive. They’ve made such an impression me, and the music that he makes and what he creates I feel I don’t have to work to understand or relate to. Everything is both based on an idea and based on open interpretation and I love that about him. Despite him being extremely attractive outwardly, he just seems to have a very vast, solid, and loving soul. I’d love to meet him or even speak to him briefly, not even to really have a conversation, but to hear his insight on anything really. I’m more of a listener, the talking thing has never been a good quality of mine.

In the beginning, I never knew much about Brandon Boyd other than his lyrics, his band, and his voice. My first experience with Incubus was at the age of 13 and they became my haven from anything and everything. The music they created cared for me in times that were really very difficult. That is what makes him my #1 πŸ™‚


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