Bitch Mondays: Clothing Brands I Hate and Why

Bitch Mondays: Clothing Brands I Hate and Why

Maybe I’m just a qoute on qoute ‘hater’ when it comes to this sort of thing, but name brands like Gilly Hicks, Abercrombie&Fitch, Aeropostle, and others I can’t think of right now just piss me off.

First of all, the shit they have in there cost too much. Why am I paying $25 for something I could get for $20 less just because it’s got some ancient clothing logo on it that’s been in existence since 19 something?? Tell me why? I’ll admit that I’m a cheap person, but this is just terrible. Also, I can’t stand how thin and small the clothing comes in. If you’ve ever seen me (which I’m sure you have at some point, you just don’t know it) I’m a big girl and I have no business in their stores because I could never really buy a jean size that runs as big as mine there. That’s just life. I feel bad for the people that are small that still have to pay a jillion dollars for the small amount of fabric that could easily be used as a tissue (and yes. . .a jillion is a number. . .don’t look that up though)

Another thing that peeves me off is the advertisements. Just because you have a tv in the back running your ad with a girl and a guy twirling with your brand on doesn’t make me want to buy that shit. It actually angers me. Why do they get to be happy while I try to squeeze my fat ass into one of your terrible t-shirts. . .assholes, all of you. I’m a bitter woman on Mondays. . . . .I am. . .Granted, they have larger sizes online (I’m smart and did not check their website before walking my happy butt up to the clothing store) but what gets me again is the lack of creativity in their clothing. I get it that, ‘Oh, they’re clothes are so soft,’ and ‘Oh, name brand is so sheik,’ and ‘Oh, they follow the latest trends’, but the designing of the clothing is just dry: you have to have the personality of a piece of toast to wear clothing from any of these stores. Well. . . .either that or be a lumber jack bumpkin because their clothing is just screaming plaid and flower print. Or you could be going out to golf, because polos seem to also be a both fading and incoming trend: how ’bout that?

You could think I’m just. . .bitchy and have a pole up my ass, but it’s Monday *snap* Get your life.


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