What I Don’t Have In My Closet: High Waist Button Fly Sailor Shorts

What I Don't In My Closet: High Waist Button Fly Sailor Shorts

These seem to be extremely popular for the summer. Girls who don’t have these are missing out on looking cute, looking terribly cute. I tried to purchase a pair similar to these, just without the button fly design and I still need a pair of them 😦 I’m a sad camper, I really am. . . .You can find them at Delia’s for about $18-$19 both online and in stores. Charlotte Rousse is having a sale on all dresses and shorts, so theres are about $16. I’m willing to splurge on something like this, because it’s seriously something I’d like to possess O.O To me, there a bit pricey. The cheapest you’ll find them for is $13-$16 at Dots both online and in-store. Hopefully you can/already have aquired a pair of these beautiful shorts. I’m still trying to get a pair so I can be trendy and girly for once. I feel like I should at least attempt to dress youthful this summer.

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