Weekend Waker: World of Goo

Weekend Waker: World of Goo

For those who have nothing to do over the weekend and live their life on the internet (not that I do that. . .ever. . .no) World of Goo is the game for you.

World of Goo is a game based on strategy. You connect the small and very adorable goo balls to create some type of bridge/tower, while also attempting to use the least amount of tiny little cute goo balls. The reason you want to use a small amount of goo balls is to have enough remaining to get up the bridge and through the tube that acts as the end point of the level. If you get enough to complete the level, you move on to the next. If you don’t get enough balls in, you’re stuck there until you figure it out. It’s the ultimate boredom game.

I’ll place a link of a demo, I’ve not yet found a complete free full version of the game, but it’s worth buying. I’m just too poor to buy it DX If you have some sort of pay pal account or normal regular account (because regular accounts don’t exist. . .*sarcasm*) invest a small portion of money into this game, it’s worth it. I’m not kidding. . .do it. . .now.


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