Friday Night Shorts: Late Night Confessions of an Insomniac

These are the moments in which I assault a non-existent audience with my writing. . .poor suckers, all of you O.O ENJOY!!


I sat and listened to the neighbors wail and moan to the rhythm of their bed springs. I’d shut the window, raised the volume on my iPod, and ran the dishwasher, but no matter how much noise I created they still cut through it. The heavy breathing and rocking coasted me into nausea and seemed to make the moonlit sky pulsate in annoyance. They screamed each others names for hours as if reminding each other of their current existence on planet earth. Even without noise, I wouldn’t be easily wrapped into sleep. I never could. 


‘Take two’ he told me, the cold and shiny stethoscope taking up my focus, ‘Take two’. . . 

Two? I thought. . .that seemed like too many. . .

Two to make me sleep and dream beautiful nightmares in helpless and short lived bliss

Two to make me wish it existed 

Two to remind me of life’s ‘bitter sweet symphony’ 

Fuck two. . .I thought

Just one? 

It’ll only work well with two, one will merely make you feel tired, but won’t cause you to actually sleep. Take two. . .

I crawled into my dusty blue bed, shifting onto my back. My face held up to the ceiling, I watched white and continued to hear the rhapsody of the bed spring’s reverberation through the thin apartment walls. With a slight smile on my lips, I said, ‘Kinda wish the noise was coming from my apartment’.


I laughed and turned on my side, folding myself into the thick sheets. No sleep tonight.


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Shorts: Late Night Confessions of an Insomniac

  1. ‘Kinda wish the noise was coming from my apartment’
    ?? well, it would be very easy for you if you really want to. no doubt about that.

      1. As i told you on DA, you lack too much confidence about yourself, you’re a pretty woman :). Who is your main character?
        Bjarki (by the way, did you get my mail?)

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