Creations of the Month #3: Pocahontas

Creations of the Month #3: Pocahontas

This was a gift for my friend who loves Disney characters.


Creations of the Month #2: Skull with meaning that I forgot. . . .

Creations of the Month #2: Skull with meaning that I forgot. . . .

This picture was an idea that a good friend of mine had and he had drawn it, but I asked him if I could play with the idea and this is what my drawing came out as. I should post his, but I didn’t save it or else I would have. I forgot the meaning behind everything, but it enabled me to do this with it, so it was pretty deep O.O


Leeches have been a medicinal tool since the 19th century and were actually cleared for use in hospitals in 2004.

Only 15 known species are used for medicinal purpose out of the 600 different species in existence. Leeches were used for ‘blood letting’ which was done to rid the body of poisons or disease. Leeches were also used to heal the wounded because of their saliva which contains compounds that help to heal open sores, gashes, gun wounds, etc. These are some of the compounds found in Leech saliva that I found on a website called

HirudinInhibits – blood coagulation by binding to thrombin
CalinInhibits – blood coagulation by blocking the binding of von Willebrand factor to collagen. Inhibits collagen- mediated platelet aggregation
Destabilase- Monomerizing activity. Dissolves fibrin. Thrombolytic effects
Hirustasin- Inhibits kallikrein, trypsin, chymotrypsin, neutropholic cathepsin G
BdellinsAnti-inflammatory- Inhibits trypsin, plasmin, acrosin
Hyaluronidase- Increases interstitial viscosity. Antibiotic
Tryptase inhibitor- Inhibits proteolytic enzymes of host mast cells
Eglins- Anti-inflammatory; Inhibit the activity of alpha-chymotrypsin, chymase, substilisin, elastase, cathepsin G
Factor Xa inhibitor- Inhibits the activity of coagulation factor xa by forming equimolar complexes
Complement inhibitors- May possibly replace natural complement inhibitors if they are deficient
Carboxypeptidase A inhibitors- Increases the inflow of blood at the bite site
Histaminelike substances- Vasodilator; Increases the inflow of blood at the bite siteΒ 

Tuesday Topic Deviation: Coffee Sugar Cookies

Tuesday Topic Deviation: Coffee Sugar Cookies

I wanted to make something with coffee in it and I found a recipe WITH COFFEE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!! ❀

My dad complains that I always make my awesome sugar cookies, but I don't bake anything else (which is true, but my cookies are just that awesome) Anyway, I found this recipe on SheKnows and I haven't yet put these cookies in the oven and I haven't tasted them, but I've smelt the batter and it's heavenly. . .I wish they made perfume that smelt just like it. . . .I could smell like cookie dough aaaaaall day. . .I'd be delicious O.O

Feel free to make these, they'd probably be a great morning snack. . .I think. . .here's the url:

Unpractical Cures For the Common Cold

Unpractical Cures For the Common Cold

This post is very late for a Tuesday, but I was busy with drawing, so I had reason.
I looked up a few cures and remedies and I thought I’d find weird things AND I DID! πŸ˜€ So, to cure colds you would be suggested to catch leaves from a tree in the fall. . .the fact that they would suggest you to go out in cold weather when you have a cold baffles me O.O

To prevent colds, you had to eat an onion sandwich and wash your hair. I like onions, but not enough to eat a sandwich full of it. . . .makes me wonder if it worked though.

FUN FACT: Most believe that the cold weather causes colds, but in actuality, the cold allows bacteria and germs in the air to move more freely, making it easier to get sick in Fall or Winter, rather than Summer or Spring.

This Week’s Topic

This Week's Topic

I had a tummy ache today and I felt terrible for about half of the day. It inspired this weeks topic which will be old ailments and cures πŸ˜€

I know. . . .my topics are so exciting πŸ™‚ but it’s cool to see what they used to cure illnesses and disease back then. It’s also interesting to find out the common colds and ailments that we can fix with simple pills killed hundreds. It’s fascinating.