Tuesday Topic Deviation: Ideas to Impress Women

Tuesday Topic Deviation: Ideas to Impress Women

This has nothing to do with Oscar Wilde (clearly. . .) But it has to do with an app on Opera Mini called ‘Ideas to Impress Women’. The app opens up in your phone’s browser and gives you a list of ideas that are both helpful and slightly humorous. I chose a few to poke fun at because I’m just that cruel:

21. ‘Know when she is bored’

-If she walks away in the middle of you speaking, that would be an indicator that she’s bored. . .and she’s kind of a bitch. . .

33. ‘Women love men who posses skills.’

-It all depends on the skill. . .they don’t specify this until tip 34

34. ‘Learn musical instrument E.g women love men who play guitar.’

-If I see one more guy with a guitar I’m going to vomit on it, that ‘e.g’ statement is false. . . .sometimes. . .they can be hot sometimes. . .like in movies. . .that’s it. . .and Brandon Boyd is an exception as well . . .

41. ‘Seasonal fun Having a water fight in summer, kick leaves in Autumn or make a snowman in Winter Fuck Spring :-)’

-Now, when they say ‘Fuck Spring :-)’ do they mean exclude the season all together or have intercourse during Spring? It’s confusing . . .to me anyway. . .

. . . .

If you’d like to read the other 97, go to the Opera Mini App store and you’ll be many steps away from approaching and impressing a woman. . . .or you could just not waste the time to download that crap and gain some courage, take a shower, and be yourself. . .that works too . . .


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