“The truth is r…

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” -Oscar Wilde

When reading this, I found that I agreed with that statement. When the truth is unveiled, it’s hardly ever unsurprising or uneventful. Society seems to be deep into covering up truths or making them disepate briefly in order to protect the public, or more likely themselves. An excellent example would be the education system. I know the topic is not exactly one too close to the current season, but Thanksgiving has always been fondly known to young children as a peaceful gathering between the native americans and the pilgrims. This is a perfect example because it was a lie to cover up our actions, as well as to protect the faint hearts of young people. In actuality, around that time, a massacre occurred with many dead and raped native americans: there was no turkey, no one held hands unless they were holding on for dear life in attempts of staying alive. To make it more pleasant, a more picturesque, pagan-like holiday was created to neatly stow away the actual events that occurred: how convenient. . . .but it works as a representation that the truth is just as Wilde had described: ‘rarely pure and never simple’


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