What a Gentlemen: Oscar Wilde

I’ve only read one thing by him, that one thing being Dorian Gray. I’ve never finished it, but I found most of it to be interesting and to be an interesting insight of the higher class of society during that time. I’ve never bothered to crack open the genius of the man behind the words, so I skimmed a few bios (I probably should’ve read all the way through them. . .) and found that his personality always came off as stylish and passionate, which I thought was cool, but what I also thought was neat was the fact that most of the people he associated himself with were extremely high in nobility. . .which isn’t a shocker based on the life like depictions of the characters in that novel. SO, for my first major blog leap, I will learn more about this interesting gentlemen and post my journey to the center of Oscar Wilde, hopefully enlightening anyone who happens to read my posts. . .and eventually I’ll figure out how to make my computer let me post pictures with my posts *thumbs up* maybe. . .


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